SILab Ukraine is a professional
platform for:
Impact investment promotion
Social entrepreneurship and social innovation development
Social partnership building
Building an ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and social innovations development as tools for the formation of social responsibility culture in society.
promoting the creation of new social enterprises and supporting the experienced ones;

stimulating social innovations among civil society organizations and social entrepreneurs;

cultivating social investment practice;

mobilizing communities and strengthening social partnerships to achieve social impact;

upholding a favorable environment for the development of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and impact investment.

"My country is my home" is the life position of every Ukrainian.
Our activities are aimed at:
We strongly believe that positive social and economic changes in our society will take place only when every Ukrainian bears personal social responsibility for their family, community and country.

The implementation of social responsibility might take place with the help of various tools. SILab Ukraine distinguishes two main ones - social entrepreneurship and social innovations.
16 social entrepreneurs-graduates of SELab acceleration programs have launched their activities;
3 social enterprises attracted social investments;
12 social entrepreneurs are preparing to launch in the next six months;
50 mentors - make up the expert pool of the SELab school and provide advice on various aspects of the business activities of social enterprises;
SELab training events covered 15 cities of Ukraine;
An assessment of the ecosystem for the development of social entrepreneurship in the city of Vinnytsia;
We participated in the development of the Program for the development of social entrepreneurship in the Ivano-Frankivsk city territorial community.
For the last 4 years:
social enterprises
ere launched by graduates of our acceleration programs
Culture of social responsibility is the basis for a healthy, fair and sustainable society full of meaning, rule of law and prosperity.
CPO SILab Ukraine, 6 years of experience in project management in Ukrainian and international organizations; organized and conducted more than 20 projects; 4 years of experience in business: online marketing, team building, strategic planning; social entrepreneurship expert.
co-founder of the NGO "SILab Ukraine" and the accelerator for social entrepreneurs "SELab"; member of the board of the academic incubators network for startups "Yep!"; business expert; experienced trainer (15+ years) in the field of business modeling, target audience research, business scaling, development of long-term training programs for entrepreneurs in technological, creative and social fields; certified facilitator of the British Council and Nesta creative entrepreneurship program. Earlier: ex-CEO of creative and coworking spaces "Chasopys", co-founder of the corporate accelerator "Radar Tech".
Co-founder and Chair of the Board of SILab Ukraine NGO and the accelerator for social entrepreneurs SELab. 25 years of experience in the management of non-governmental national and international organizations. Expert in social entrepreneurship, experienced trainer (20 years) with key expertise in institutional development, strategic planning, resource mobilization, advocacy, cooperation with international, national and local partners, government agencies and businesses, author of over 40 publications.
Over 3 years in the field of social entrepreneurship, coordinator of the largest social entrepreneurship project Social Business in UA (2018-2019).
8 years of experience in project management, project coordination with the financial support of UNDP, GIZ, the European Commission from local governments as well as non-profit organizations.
Communications Manager in SILab Ukraine, ex-Communications & Event Manager of creative and coworking spaces “Chasopys”; has experience working with communications in the field of business, medicine and energy; one of the key competencies is the promotion of events; took part in the organization of more than 15 events, including international ones.
Accountant. Financial manager assistant at project Collaborate for Impact; has more than 10 years of accounting experience in government agencies.
Anna Gulevska-Chernysh
Tetiana Levkivska
Valeriia Tkach
Світлана Сидорук
Olena Kalibaba
Daryna Belianska
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