We develop and organize "idea garages", hackathons, trainings, incubation and acceleration programs of varying complexity and duration for those who are thinking about creating a social enterprise or planning its activities and preparing to launch. Our experts-practitioners in financial and business modeling, marketing, communications and sales help to develop a product and build a strategy to enter the market.
Preparing social entrepreneurs for launch
To make important changes in the social business, we support our clients in strategic planning, analysis, change management and organizational transformation. We organize advanced training courses for employees of social enterprises, find partners and funding opportunities for the development.
Social enterprises development
We provide services to government and regional agencies, municipalities and integrated local communities to assess the ecosystem potential for social entrepreneurship development. By using international tools and approaches, we help to analyze the current situation and identify priorities for the development.
Ecosystem assessment for the social entrepreneurship development
We conduct researches (focus groups, interviews with various stakeholder groups), collect information, analyze data that we use to develop national and local programs to promote social entrepreneurship. For their successful implementation, we organize trainings and study tours for employees from governmental and regional institutions, municipalities and integrated local communities.
Generating national and local programs for the social entrepreneurship development
We work with large and medium-sized businesses, helping companies to develop and implement programs for social entrepreneurship development on their operating territories or in the field of their activities. The development of indicators and tools for assessing the program impact
is an important component in this direction.
Generating CSR programs aimed at the social entrepreneurship development
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