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Shelter Ukraine: medicin for people in Kharkiv region

Together with TbpeopleUkraine and within the “Shelter Ukraine” initiative, we have purchased and distributed medicines (hepatoprotection, antiemetics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodics, vitamins, medical gloves, syringes, systems), food and medicines to the forcibly displaced persons.

Before the war, Serhii supported people with tuberculosis, and now he is volunteering and helping people from the Kharkiv region to receive proper treatment and medication:
"Now, as you know, it is restless in Kharkiv - shelling takes place every day. Many hospitals do not work. From the first days, it was very difficult because the doctors did not know how to work and whether they have a job at all. People also did not understand where to get medical care.
I am currently cooperating with two institutions: Regional TB Hospital № 3 on Pyrohova Street and Regional TB Dispensary № 1 on Newton Street.
From the first days, the chief doctors and directors of medical institutions have been at work, we are in touch with them and help as much as we can. There are currently about 30 people with tuberculosis in the hospital and about 70 patients in the dispensary. There is a great lack of doctors and medical staff. That's why I help both patients and doctors in these hospitals"

To the question "What is the most difficult thing at your work?" Serhii replied:
“Physical problems are caused by psychological ones, although there is a lot of motivation. First, there is a lack of doctors. Many doctors left on February 24. But the directors of these institutions do everything in their power. Now the laboratory, which has been closed for almost a month, has resumed its work in the dispensary. Honour and praise to the director of this institution, who found the staff.

There is also a problem with food - it was also lacking. Supply contracts remain, but not to the extent they should be. And we can't buy food in the stores or count on patients’ relatives to help them."

We thank our partners from “TBpeopleUkraine” and volunteers, including Serhii. Your work is invaluable and one of the most important in this difficult path to victory!



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