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Shelter Ukraine and RescueNOW

Shelter Ukraine and RescueNOW

👀 During peaceful times, the founder of the Kharkiv initiative "RescueNOW" Ihor Kliuchnyk lived in a world where theatre plays the dominant role in life. His work combined creativity, managerial skills and the ability to see in people something that they may not always notice.

➡️ “How have I chosen this path of helping people? I think it happened in the first few days, one may say even at the moment when you woke up from the explosions for the first time. In such a moment one feels a big burst of energy and fear in the body. After all, these feelings are so strong that they are still carrying us in the stream. It is impossible to describe it in any other way ”— Ihor Kliuchnyk, founder of the RescueNOW initiative.

💙 Nowadays, Ihor is working with volunteers to develop a RescueNOW project designed to help people affected by the war. The project activities cover several areas:
•‎ evacuation of people to a certain point from where they can move to a safer place;
• evacuation of people with special needs to the meeting party
  • evacuation of people with special needs to hospices or other specialized institutions in Ukraine and abroad to provide people with proper care
  • humanitarian help

🇺🇦 1,573 people have already been evacuated, including 128 people with special needs, and 106 animals may be added to this number. 65 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to Kharkiv [information as of March 29, 22]!

The project started with only 3 or 4 people, and now there are about 70! Ihor notes that currently, the RescueNOW team consists not only of his acquaintances but of many volunteers who have joined the initiative. Ihor's experience in managerial positions helped the team to create a clear structure of interaction between volunteers and those who need help. Everything is organized, from the scripts for the hotline, which helps people with making the final decision on evacuation, to the evacuation process itself and the provision of humanitarian help. An important principle of the team is first to help yourself and then others. Thus, two people are assigned to each position, so that in any case the adjusted mechanism will continue to work effectively and help people 🎯

💡 Together with RescueNOW and as a part of our Shelter Ukraine project we have purchased food products. During the day, the project team manages to feed more than 4,000 people in Kharkiv. Food is delivered directly to bomb shelters.

🟢 Currently, in addition to its main task of helping people, the RescueNOW team is developing a system that will help to integrate other volunteer partner hubs into one system. After all, many people, who need help, turn to the initiative, and not only in the city of Kharkiv. The difficulty is that to create a system you need not only to configure the classic technical processes, such as CRM-system, communication channels and more but also to consider peculiarities of the help needed in places of active hostilities. For example, you need to sort repeated requests to different hubs, take into account the location of the person and the real situation in the area, as well as the complex logistics and specifics of each request.

The RescueNOW team is an example of the successful adaptation of managerial and business experience in peaceful life to the realities of war. We thank the team for their dedicated work, dealing with the war realities and helping the people of Kharkiv. You prove that Ukrainians have a unique strength, which will definitely be one of the reasons for our victory! 🇺🇦🙏🏼

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